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Magyar Magyar

What's this:

This is a fastloader for Commodore C16, C116 and plus/4 microcomputers, but it only works with JiffyDOS™ equipped devices. (It does not work with original DOS ROM equipped 1541!) Not many plus/4 users used JiffyDOS™ with 1541, but many people use SD2IEC drive, which is a device that supports this transfer protocol. This fastloader may be useful for these users.


This program is based on the C64's SJLOAD, but only the fastloader is implemented! No autostart / autoload, no DIRECTORY, no sending commands, etc. These features are not required for basic plus/4 usage. (Perhaps sending commands could be useful occasionally...) But this way the program remained small. The JiffyDOS protocol allows more than one device on the bus. Unused devices can therefore remain on the serial bus. ATTENTION: to use this loader the DATASETTE must be disconnected from the computer! The loader works on PAL and NTSC machines with 16K, 32K and 64K RAM, but 64K is recommended!


Like any fastloader:

The last step may be repeated, more than one file can be loaded with the fastloader. (Press the F1 button to disable / enable the fastloader. It might be useful for multiple loads, if any file comes from a non-JiffyDOS device.) The loader is KERNAL-compatible (as much as possible), so any other program may use it, not only the BASIC DLOAD/LOAD or MONITOR's L command. The loadable area is $0A00..$FAFF. (See release notes!) The last address can also be $FCFF, but in this case the loader routine is destroyed, these files can be loaded only once.

The pack includes two utilities: Before using the loader, it's recommended that users run this test! The GENERATOR's saved "testdata" is verified by the CHECKER program in an infinite loop, and it counts any verify errors. (Before loading the CHECKER, load / run the fastloader itself. The test uses the KERNAL LOAD routine, therefore, these programs can be used to check any fastloaders.) Any reports are welcome!



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